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Student Samples

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Subject  Level  Product:  Example 
Language Arts  MS  Public Service Announcement - school littering 
Language Arts MS Who should be on a Stamp
Language Arts HS

Shakespeare - Act 1 Scene 1 of Hamlet-
Paper Slide video

Hamlet Act1Scene1 movie
Language Arts MS

Students write and create Poetry books

publisher, student created art work scanned in,  

using http://www.studentreasures.com/ for publishing

Language Arts MS Students write and create their own God/Goddess Myth for publishing.  In publishing, students wrote longer myth stories, and spent concentrated time editing and re-editing and illustrating their stories.

Using Microsoft Publisher as the document, students scan in their own art work, and then we print the final copy and send it to

http://www.studentreasures.com/ for binding and publishing.


Student Sample Page

Student Complete example 1: Pauls Choice Myth Book

Student Complete example 2: The Rage and Wrath of Hephaestus Myth Book

Language Arts MS Students read a Tale from Wisdom Tales, and create a comic adaptions.  Peer review is posted by other students in the class. Wisdom Tales Comic Adaptations:


Language Arts HS

Book Report -

The Things They Carried

Language Arts HS

Book Report

The Outsiders

Math MS Area of a Cube Mystery
Science MS
  • Alternative Energy- 4 students researched and wrote their storyboard, recorded in Powerpoint, used screen captured with screen cast o matic to convert their powerpoints into video, and created a prezi for their final presentation


HydrogenPower Paper

HydrogenPower Powerpoint with Narration


Science  HS 
  • Mitosis 
Mitosis Video
Science  HS   

Biomes Brochure 

Biomes Powerpoint

Science HS
  • Cell 

Cell Powerpoint

Science MS/HS Sustainable Living


Student StoryofStuffChpt8.flv


Science MS


Google Sky with Glogster - students demonstrate learning.

Sky Siavs tour2.kmz

Sky_Rachwalski tour1.kmz


Skycory tour 1.kmz


Science MS

Scientific Investigation

Paper Slide videos
Social Studies MS
  • Constitution

Constitution Video view video

Constitution Video download video

Social Studies MS Chocolate Production Research

Dark Side of Chocolate - view video

Dark Side ofChocolate  download video

Social Studies HS

Inventions Industrial Revolution Download Video




Social Studies MS Treatment of Jews by the Nazi's http://museumbox.e2bn.org/creator/viewer/show/1162
Social Studies HS Roaring 20's presentation using Museum Box http://museumbox.e2bn.org/creator/viewer/show/3492

mallInventionsWMV.wmv mallInventionsWMV.wmv  

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