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Google Earth

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Subject    Level  Content: Technology
Art Content HS art-museums-3d-tour.kmz Art History - Art Museum 3D tour
Art Content HS 310900-CezanneEDITSept07.kmz Cezanne


Google Sky

Content, Process, Product MS

Astronomy - Google Sky with Glogster - Middle students create sky tour of 7 astronomy finds.


Sky_Rachwalski tour1.kmz

Sky Siavs tour2.kmz


Skycory tour 1.kmz

Google Sky, Audio, Glogster 
Math Content, Product HS Geometric Solids Find surface area, perimeter, volume for these geometric solid buildings.
Math Content, Product MS http://edte.ch/blog/maths-maps/ Post different math problems for students to solve.  See UK examples
Math Process, Product MS/HS http://realworldmath.org/Real_World_Math/Lessons.html  Measurement, exploratories, projects and concept lessons using Google earth and math
Math Process HS PropotionsTour.kmz  
Math Process MS Slope & Google Earth  
Science  Process Elementary  Frogs .kmz Find all frogs, go to their destination, and other content information.  Include webquest and discovery videos. Uses Glogster to create a poster, Blabberize to make pictures talk, and Discovery Education for videos, all posted on Google Earth.
Science Content MS/HS


Science Content HS

Biomes - Rainforest, wetlands

Earth Craters

Science Content HS Desert quest with student sheet, Google earth tour of deserts in the world
Social Studies  Content, Process MS/HS Civil_War_by_Campaign.kmz  Civil war map with specific battles.  Links to websites for additional information 
Social Studies Content, Process, Product HS

7 Wonders of the Ancient World


  • Prezi content presentation, - content
  • 7 Wonders of Ancient and New World - content
     Students will find and post their New World Wonders in google earth
  • Google Earth -Ancient World Wonders Earth Quest, teacher sample, student team worksheet using google earth, embedded pre-assessment quiz, with process - find information on 7 Ancient Wonders, and product - find, mark and post project of your Wonder of the world.  Create video, use audio files
  • Voicethread - student work


Social Studies Content, Process MS/HS Holocaust
Social Studies Content, Process MS/S

American History



Vocabulary Process MS

geogreeting.com for the word differentiate


Find vocabulary words using buildings on Google Earth using Geogreetings.com.  Show where you were in the world to put your vocab word together.  Find the definition using Visuwords.com


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