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Interactive Presentation

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Subject Level Topic Example: technology
Social Studies  MS/HS
  • 7 Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Google Earth - 7 Wonders of Ancient World
  • Student work:  How Pyramids were Built
  • Students create Google Earth tour of 7 Wonders of Ancient World using EarthQuest and pre-assessment





Google sample



Science  HS  Mitosis  http://prezi.com/50phez8trjop/copy-of-mitosis-and-meiosis-of-eukaryotic-cells/   


Presentation Use: Create Interactive Content Presentation  Example     
Substitute in your classroom Create powerpoint with narration, provides content, and assignment.
Use Screen-Cast-o-matic to convert narrated powerpoint to a video so it is easy for the sub to present your material.  Save as .flv to embed into Prezi.
  Use Glogster to present content with audio, and provide assignments      
  Create video for content and assignments.      
  Create Prezi with links, embed video and assignments      



Using Prezi.com


7 New Wonders of the World 







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