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2Differentiate -                                                                                   

Examples & Ideas:

For Elementary grades,

For Middle school and

For High School.

Why Differentiation?  Why Technology?

To engage, to create, to share, to learn.

To teach and learn life and career skills: 

  • collaboration, 
  • teamwork, 
  • higher-level thinking (decision making, problem solving) 



Check these resources:


Maker projects-Curriculum Connections:  Tinker Studio


Interesting Ways - always being updated-Google Tools, devices, online tools and more
     *Interesting ways to integrate Technology in the classroom - updates from Tom Barrett



We learn best by sharing and collaborating and trying new things.  Here we will share examples and ideas about how to help students learn through technology infusion with differentiation.  We are in an era where our students are inundated with technology, where they multitask, and use technology in various ways. 


Our goal is to provide examples of differentiated lessons and student activities to inspire you.  We post the examples here and provide the source/reference.  This is so that we do not lose these wonderful as websites are updated and changed.These differentiation resources are used in a middle school or high school classroom.  



Differentiated Classroom:


A differentiated classroom provides multiple options for:

Taking in information, receiving the information, doing something with the information.


Making sense of information, helps you study and learn.
Expressing what you have learned, evidence of meeting the standard 

Maker Projects by subject:
Make Curriculum Pop: 
Special Education and Technology:


Websites with ideas for using technology in the classroom:


Websites with Differentiation resources:




Are you visiting?  Leave your footprint, leave a comment:




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Alvaro Jesus Ricardez said

at 11:23 am on May 21, 2017

Thanks teacher Tricia for this wonderful space. I come very often to solve problems and get inspiration!

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