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Learning Contract

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Learning Contract


Subject Level Jigsaw Technology
Math MS LearningContractAlgebraMS.pdf  
Science MS LearningContractScienceMS.pdf   






Learning Contracts- (Content, Process & Product) 

Written agreement between teachers & students that outline:

  • what students will learn
  • how they will learn it
  • the time period for the learning experience
  • how they will be evaluated


Components of Contracts


1. Outcome(s) - specify what is to be accomplished, the conditions under which learning will be demonstrated, and the level of proficiency required to meet the outcome.

2. Resources - including print, media, and human

3. Learning Alternatives - include reading, writing, viewing, creating,

    interviewing, and other activities the student experiences to accomplish the outcome.

4. Milestones and timeline of ongoing progress.

4. Reporting Alternatives and Assessment - should provide evidence of mastery of outcomes. Conferences,  tests, projects, presentations, real world products, portfolios of     work are examples of reporting alternatives.



Create a Learning Contract online:





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