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Strategy Examples

Technology Integration Example
Anchor Activities     MS  Math Reasoning  Computer selection: http://www.mathplayground.com/   
Choice Boards   HS  Pay Day Loans Brochure, spreadsheet, multimedia presentation, video   
Cubing   MS  FibonnacciCube    
Cubing    MS Number Patterns&Relationships    
Cubing    MS Plane Geometry    
Cubing    HS Trigonometry1    
Google Earth   MS Math problems on google maps Math maps - use google earth to work on math problems http://edte.ch/blog/maths-maps/
Google Earth   MS/HS Real world Math Measurement, exploratories, projects and concept lessons using Google earth and math


Google Earth   HS

Geometric Solids 

Use google earth to find buildings that contain geometric solids

Geometric Solids 

Google Earth   MS/HS 


Use Google Earth to Determine slope using ski hill runs




Graphic Organizers   MS  Angles     
Graphic Organizers    HS

Quadrilateral Family Tree

Quadrilateral Student Wksht

Layered Curriculum   HS  Algebra Graphing Calculator, powerpoint, internet   
Learning Contract   MS Algebra    
Mini-Lesson or Re-teaching   HS

Algebra 1
Identifying Polynomials

Polynomials Worksheet

Video and worksheets,

NTCM Math Websites for Algebra, Geometry, Probability, data analysis: 

Math methods with examples at 





RAFT                         MS Fractions Raft
Math Raft (see example below)
Think Dots   MS Algebra Levels 1-3    
Think-Tac-Toe Process, Product MS  Pythagorean Theorem
  • Pythagorean Theorem Glogster review and product introduction: Multimedia -  video, rap song as teaching tool
Tic-Tac-Toe    Elem/MS Math Chapter Review     
Tiered Instruction   MS 

Algebraic Word Problems

Algebraic Word Problems2


Tiered Instruction   MS Vacation Math      
Tiered Instruction    MS Measurement     
Tiered Instruction    HS Statistics-ConsumerData     



Math RAFT example:

Math Role Audience Format Topic
  Fractions Whole Numbers Petition To be considered a part of the family
  A Word Problem Students in Class Set of Directions How to get to know me


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