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Foreign Language HS SpLeisure_Activities_Raft[1].pdf



Raft creator Math: 



Raft creator Science:



Raft creator Social Studies/History




A strategy that allows students to creatively present what they have learned in multiple formats.  The format is incredibly flexible and offers limitless opportunities for creativity for both you and your students.  When you are first using a “RAFT” with your students, you will develop the specifics for each element in the acronym; they are as follows:

Role: In developing the final product, what role will the students need to “take on”?   Writer?  Character (in the novel)?  Artist?  Politician?  Scientist? 

Audience: Who should the students consider as the audience for the product?  Other students?  Parents?  Local community?  School board?  Other characters in the text?

Format: What is the best product that will demonstrate the students’ in-depth understanding of their interactions with the text?  A writing task?  Art work?  Action plan?  Project?

Topic: This is the when, who, or what that will be the focus/subject of the final product. Will it take place in the same time period as the novel?  Who will be the main focus of the product?  What event will constitute the centerpiece of the action? 


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